Fishing Reports

Fishing Report: December 2011 / January 2012


Since it's winter and running halibut and salmon charters is out of the question, we've moved from based out of Bamfield fishing to prawning out of Nanaimo.

The Christmas season usually means dust off the snow, put on an extra sweater and load the prawn traps into the boat.  This is exactly what happened minus dusting off the snow and donning an extra sweater.  As per usual Stuart Channel is producing excellent prawning. 

We left the Nanaimo harbor at 730 AM with 6 people on board, dropped the nets two to a string with one can of bait each, and started hauling them in a couple of hours later.  The first couple of traps to hit the boat had about 100 prawns a trap, most of them male, and a pretty good size.  Our limit was reached early in the afternoon, having to throw some back. 

We were fishing in the 240-340 depth range, in front of the opening between Thetis and Kuper Island, just north of the ferry track, and we put a few traps down towards the light on the reef in front of Kuper Island.  Both spots were producing excellent results.

I find it interesting to hear that Prawning in the Alberni Inlet is not good at all this season.  However, the Ladysmith area (Stuart Channel) is rolling with prawns.  Let’s hope that the prawning stays strong in the Ladysmith area.  Remember that it is pulse fishing until March 15th, the first half of the month is closed with the second half open.

Matt Harmeson, Skipper, Fifth Element Charters