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With some of the world’s richest stock of salmon and halibut, the West Coast of Vancouver Island is a­ paradise for the discerning fisherman. Below is a list and descriptions of just some of the types of fish you can hope to see on a based out of Bamfield fishing charter with Fifth Element.

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ChinookChinook Salmon Fishing (also called: Tyee, King or Spring)

Easily the most prized salmon in the world, the largest Chinook have been recorded at almost a hundred pounds. Typically weighing between 25-40 pounds, Chinooks are recognizable for their silvery sides, white stomach, black gums and spotted tail.




Coho Salmon Fishing

A fantastic fighting fish, the Coho will test your mettle. Typically weighing 8 to 18 pounds, their flavorful taste is renowned.  You will recognize a Coho salmon by their wide based tail, silver color, black tongues and spots over the upper part of their body.











Halibut Fishing

A blatantly unattractive fish, their extraordinary taste and geographical uniqueness more than makes up for their ugly duckling status. The largest of the flatfish, halibut have been found that are over five hundred pounds, though the vast majority are much smaller. Their taste is regarded as a delicacy in much of the world and is an added perk of choosing a BC fishing charters.




Lingcod Fishing

Often forgotten on the halibut and salmon charters circuit, Lingcod are not insignificant fish. Typically 3-4 feet in length and 30 to 40 pounds, Lingcod add diversity to a deep sea fishing charter. Lingcod are recognizable by their narrow long body, big mouth with large teeth and brown, gray or greenish color.