Bamfield Fishing Halibut and Salmon Charters on Vancouver Island

Fifth Element Charters isn’t a big BC fishing charters company, it isn't a big BC fishing lodge trying to make a resort experience, it is just a group of deeply experienced, professional and fun loving guides who want to make sure you have the sort of halibut and salmon charters that will make you have memories that last a lifetime.The catch

We provide the same services as a big BC fishing lodge. Want to fly out here? No Problem. Want accommodation? No problem. Want all meals cooked by a professional chef? No problem. But that is not our focus, our focus is to provide to each customer the perfect package that suits their needs, so that their focus can be on nothing but the fishing. Our focus is the fishing.

The Experience:

We Fish Where the Fish Are

An experience like no other. You can leave from Vancouver, one of the world’s most beautiful cities, in a sea plane that takes you over the urban jewel of Stanley Park and the spires of the Lion’s Gate Suspension bridge, across the famous Strait of Georgia, above the Vancouver Island mountains to Bamfield, a coastal community like no other where getting from point A to point B is easier by boat then car and a lifetime can be spent doing nothing else but looking at the paint-worthy landscape. But we’re not fishing out of Bamfield for the view, we’re based out of Bamfield for the sole reason that Bamfield fishing is world class.

Once in Bamfield, onto the main event! Step aboard the Fifth Element, our top of the line 28 Foot Grady White. This isn’t just some fishing boat, this is a premium experience, and the incredibly smooth ride and the smooth sound of its twin 200hp Yamaha outboards provides an encapsulating atmosphere when you’re offshore where there’s not a thing to do but enjoy the camaraderie of your friends and some of the richest fishing grounds in the world.

We fish where the fish are, inshore or offshore every day you can plan to catch Coho and Chinook (King) salmon ranging even into the Tyee trophy size of 30 pounds or larger, as well as tantalizingly delicious halibut. This isn’t a vacation you go home empty handed from, and that’s a promise.  


The Fifth Element

This trip isn’t just about the fishing though, it’s also about the extraordinary natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Can we promise you’ll see whales? Sadly, no, though we’d love to. But we can say we often do see humpbacks, grey whales and pods of orcas. Either way, you get to be enraptured by the sublime wonder of being offshore for a deep sea fishing charter where you truly interact with the isolation of the open sea, as well as the inshore wonder of the fantastic fir dotted fjords and islands of the Pacific Northwest.

A west coast fishing charter is an experience worth sharing, a world class experience to rival any other tourist destination in the world, and we hope to have the opportunity to share it with you.


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